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Strong Living is dedicated to improving each individual’s strength, balance, and self confidence, allowing you to live the life you deserve

Located in Rancho Mirage CA, our goal is to create a safe, positive experience for our community to improve physical function. Through the years of personal training we noticed there are simply not enough good and caring people who would deliver easy yet effective exercise/stretching services. We want to share our knowledge and experience about the importance of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to providing dynamic, individually designed and safe training programs.

Studies Shows

Adding routine exercise improves balance, agility, mental & heart health, joint pain, and much more.

Committed to

1. Improve quality of Life

2. Increase Strength, Flexibility, Mobility and Balance

3. Prevent Injuries


We deliver extraordinary service and compassionate care, while striving being the leader in home health and fitness services.

Offering Safe & Effective Fitness

“Exercise is crucial for people with arthritis. It increases strength and flexibility, reduces joint pain, and helps combat fatigue.” -Mayo Clinic

50% of your surgery’s success depends on surgeon skill, the other 50% is your commitment to recovery.




Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Stretching Therapist
Nadia has been a Personal Trainer and Stretching Therapist since 2013 with her primary interest being senior health in private club gyms and home-health settings. Nadia graduated College in 2005 with her degree in Legal Studies. After immigrating from Ukraine in 2012 she pursued her passion in helping others. Nadia’s passions include health, nutrition, and all adventurous outdoor activities. Originally from Nikolaev, Ukraine, Nadia now enjoys living in sunny Palm Desert, California.

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