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"I have been a member of Mission Hills Country Club since 2007 and have utilized a personal trainer at our Fitness Center. I have been fortunate enough to work with four different trainers, and from the moment I met Nadia, I knew she was the person that could address my fitness goals. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Nadia’s combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging, yet achievable goals. Since starting with Nadia, I am 50 pounds lighter, 5 inches slimmer in my hips, and four clothing sizes smaller. I have never felt better. I have been very impressed by her professionalism, extensive knowledge, skills, enthusiastic commitment to her work, and her ability to connect with her clients. She is passionate about helping others get fit and setting foundations for a new healthier lifestyle. While she approaches her work seriously, she makes it fun for all. I found a healthier me with Nadia"

Cindy-Lu Gans, Rancho Mirage

"I am a 60 year old physician who had neglected taking care of my body for years and due to this had a poor self image. Nadia not only helped get me into shape but improved my well-being significantly in a short time. She is not only very knowledgeable and effective, but also kind and compassionate. It does not hurt that she is also beautiful. I recommend her highly for anyone interested in training or improving their physical or mental confidence."

Ronald Himelman, Rancho Mirage

"Nadia is an exceptional therapist who is very knowledgeable and sensitive to the physical issues facing seniors fifty-five and older. She is motivating and changes routines so you never get bored. She is totally dependable and professional. Nadia trains me as well as my wife and we both agree that bottom line, she is the best!"

Doug Swerland, Rancho Mirage

"Strong Living has been instrumental in helping me continue to work out safely and efficiently without injury as I’ve become older. Nadia takes care to work me hard but safe. What a great service!"

Gary Dachis, Rancho Mirage

"I have trained with Nadia the last two winters while in the desert. During this time she has designed programs to assist me to recover from several different physical ailments. Not only were the programs successful, Nadia was always timely and a pleasure to train, and spent time with. I highly recommend her."

Frank Davis, Rancho Mirage

"I, Marilyn Trepel have had the pleasure of training with Nadia three times a week for two years. I had hip injury April 2019. Nadia helped me before my surgery and after. Nadia is punctual, happy and I am very happy to work with such a great professional. I would recommend Nadia as a great trainer to anyone."

Marilyn Trepel, Rancho Mirage

"Nadia is an amazing trainer she constantly keeps you motivated has an extreme knowledge of food and will spend the time educating you on proper nutrition plus she truly cares for your success I am so thankful I met her she has changed my life!"

Lynn Elliott, Rancho Mirage CA

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